Who We Are

Provincial Office 

Autism Ontario’s Provincial Office is located in Toronto and is comprised of approximately 18 staff members, both full-time and part-time, who support the entire organization. 

Our Management Team
Margaret Spoelstra - Executive Director
Gayle Height - Finance Director
Christa Sawyer - Community Events & Resource Manager 
Katharine Buchan - Manager of Development & Communications

Provincial Staff 

Outside of our office in Toronto, Autism Ontario has Family Support Coordinators and Community Events Coordinators who work regionally throughout the province.

Family Support Coordinators
Family Support Coordinators (FSCs) provide direct support to families of children and youth with autism. FSCs work one-on-one with parents and families to share resources, answer questions, and help find funding, support, and services. FSCs also engage in community outreach, program facilitation, and  attend professional events and trainings. 

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Community Events Coordinators
Community Events Coordinators (CECs) plan, coordinate, and implement events such as Social Learning Opportunities (SLOs) and workshops for children and youth with autism, their families, and professionals in the field of ASD. CECs work collaboratively with the Family Support Coordinators to research topics related to ASD, acquire an understanding of family needs, and give input into ways to meet those needs.

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Autism Ontario is an organization made up of 25 affiliated groups in communities across the province, the we call Chapters. Chapters are under the leadership of committed and skilled volunteers or Chapter staff who provide expertise and guidance to the organization and their communities.

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Board of Directors

Autism Ontario is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the voting membership at our Annual General Meeting. The Board creates governance policies, hires and reviews the performance of the Executive Director, and provides overall guidance to the organization. It speaks with one voice and creates policies to oversee the entire organization and its Chapters. 

The Board of Directors of Autism Ontario endeavours to be wholly representative of the autism community in our province. Our current board is made up of persons who are parents, caregivers and siblings of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), professionals who support our vision and mission in their work, as well as persons who themselves are on the autism spectrum. Our directors are a diverse group of men and women from across the province, both Anglophone and Francophone, who have experience in the fields of education, healthcare, law, behaviour analysis and business. They volunteer their time, working together to guide Autism Ontario in its efforts to ensure that all individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder have the means to achieve quality of life as respected members of society.

2018-2019 Board Members
Jean-Baptiste Arhanchiague
Jeff Bernstein 
Janet Culliton, President
Dr. Kassia Johnson
Nancy Marchese
Lynn Martin
David Moloney
Kim Moore
Susan Morris, Vice-President
Ken Robertson, Treasurer
Kim Seabrook, Secretary